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Looking for honeymoon inspiration? Our editor, Jane Anderson, has devised a fun honeymoon quiz to find the perfect honeymoon destination for you. Answer 10 simple questions and – based on your individual travel profile – we’ll give you a selection of personal recommendations. Alternatively, head to our homepage for 101 honeymoon ideas.

  1. You’re packing for your honeymoon. What are your travel essentials?

  2. What’s on your iPod when you travel?

  3. How do you usually book a holiday?

  4. What sunglasses are you most likely to wear?

  5. Which mode of transport would you prefer?

  6. Where did you last holiday?

  7. Who are you most likely to make friends with on holiday?

  8. Which of these is your ideal holiday meal?

  9. What’s your idea of a romantic holiday moment?

  10. Your most prized holiday souvenir is...

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