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Honeymoon Planning

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10 tips on how to plan your perfect honeymoon

By Jane Anderson

Are you planning a honeymoon? If so, don’t leave things to chance – ask an expert for advice.

I’ve spent many years researching and writing about honeymoons, including 10 years I spent as Travel Editor of You & Your Wedding magazine. Here are my top 10 tips on honeymoon planning:

1.  Don’t leave your honeymoon arrangements until the last minute, especially if you’re getting married during popular times such as July, August, Christmas and New Year. Book as early as you can and you might even benefit from some early booking deals – at least three months in advance or even a year. If you have left it late, see our last minute honeymoons.

2.  Don’t get caught out by bad weather. Have a look at our where to go when, as you don’t want to land in a monsoon in India or a cold snap in Cyprus. See our Month-by-month honeymoon planner. If you really have your heart set on a destination, you might have to consider tailoring the wedding date around when it’s best to travel. If you’re getting married abroad, check out the best wedding venues abroad

3.  Check you have a valid 10-year passport. Don’t wait until a couple of weeks before the wedding, as you’ll have too many other things to think about. Do it now. And don’t forget about your partner’s too. Visit the Passport Office for details.

4.  Ladies, if you’re going to take on your hubby’s last name, make sure that all documents and booking details are in the same name as this could result in refused entry to a destination. If you do change your passport, allow plenty of time to send off all the documents and for them to be returned. See our guide to applying for a passport and changing your name.

5.  Some countries still require you to have a visa. Check with the embassy or high commission.

6.  Make sure you have the correct inoculations for your chosen destination. Visit your GP at least three months before departure and get up to date. A useful website is

7.  Make sure you take out adequate travel insurance for precious new items like wedding rings, and if you’re planning on doing any adventurous stuff such as scuba diving.

8.  Due to airline schedules, some destinations can only be reached on certain days, so it’s best to plan ahead. If your wedding is on a Saturday but the flight’s not till the Monday, take the opportunity to book a romantic first night or two in the UK or even in an exciting city like Amsterdam or Paris that has great flight connections. This might work in your favour if you’re travelling somewhere like the French Caribbean.

9.  Pack in advance and plan your wardrobe, especially if you’re doing a two or three centre that might involve city/beach/safari/ski and so on. And don’t forget to pack some sexy underwear and a drop dead gorgeous bikini. Sunhats are essential for hot sun, so you may as well get a stylish one before you go. That old-fashioned tradition of a ‘going away outfit’ isn’t as daft as it sounds.

10.  If you’re looking for gorgeous beachwear out of season, it could be that the high street lets you down, so have a look online. My personal favourites are Club b b, Heidi Klein’s online discount store, and Rosi Farrow’s beach holiday wardrobes for him and her. For high-end luxury resort collections visit Clickini.

Last updated: 4 April 2016

Jane Anderson, honeymoon expert

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